Trade: A new category

I think the current “invest” and “CFD” offerings cater to two groups; the long-term investor and the very short-term trader.
There is an opening for a new category that we can brand "Trade", which will suit medium-term traders who hold positions from a week to a month. This category would be different from “invest” because you can short stock using CFDs and also trade on adjustable margin. Adjustable meaning you can pick your margin between 1 to 5. It should also have the “invest” feature of allowing you to trade fractional shares but on margin.
Seeing as this category represents the best of both worlds, I can see this being a paid-tier. But it T212 can decide to offer this for free they will be making money from people who short stocks in this category as they would have to use CFDs to short those positions. If people also want to leverage up a tiny bit, they will have to pay interest, which will represent another revenue source forT212.

Please give it a thought, guys.