Trade execution time as shown in contract note

The time shown in my contract note is exactly 1 hour before the actual trade execution time place in Trading212. Is there some time difference in the contract note when exported to CSV?

All trades on the activity statements that we send, as well as on the CSV exports, show the time in GMT +0. If you’re in a different timezone, for example, GMT +1, this is the reason why it looks as if the data is 1 hour behind.

I am in the UK so assume I am in GMT+0. which time is correct? The CSV statement or the contract note as shown in the Trading app? CSV time is 1 hr behind the trading app

The UK is currently in GMT +1, as during British Summer Time (BST), the clock is one hour ahead of GMT.

Both times that you see are correct - the main difference is that the History tab within the app always shows your local time, while contract notes and CSV exports always show the time in GMT +0.

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