Tradin212 Mobile app size

How much space on your mobile phone does the app use?

On my phone it’s 15,69GB, of which user data is 15,23GB. No other app comes nowhere near this one. This does seem kinda weird.

What does this user data consist of?

Just wipe it. This was supposed to be fixed in an earlier update but doesn’t appear to be.

253mb on my phone so nowhere near what you’ve found. Could it be a corrupt install?

3.7GB for me. Search history?

It could be that you opened a lot of graphs and/or individual stocks/ETFs. The same happens with other apps, if you see a lot of things with them. The more you use, the more the apps store in your phone.

It’s a similar principle as the computer web browser folders, they download the data to the device, with time, it got big.

I deleted the data, will see if it happens again.

I do understand that apps do store data, this one seemed a bit extreme. 2 browsers i use on my phone are less than 2GB. So these 15GB were really standing out, was curious if others had similar experience.