Trading 212 1 million insurance

Hey trading 212 team,

On your site you advertise with a one million euro insurance for all customers, but this insurance via Lloyd ended on the 31 of January. Are you guys planning to extend this insurance contract for another year?


We have renewed the policy and are in the process of uploading the documentation on our website.

EDIT: Document is now uploaded on the site :white_check_mark:


Does this cover all T212 clients regardless of entity their account is with, or just for the European clients (and UK clients only have the £85k coverage as part of FSCS protection)?


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The document above is regarding the clients registered under Trading 212 Markets Ltd. The client’s assets, registered under Trading 212 UK Ltd, are covered by the FSCS with up to £85 000. There is a piece of additional information in the article here from our Help Centre.

Hi - where can I find a copy of the Policy?

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You can find all the legal documents in the app.

  • If using the mobile app → tap on the three-line menu (bottom of the screen) → scroll down → click on Documents → Contract docs.

  • If using the web app → tap on your email (top right-hand side of the screen) → Documents → Contract docs.

Hi Bogi - to clarify, I would like to read the full Excess of Loss Policy. This doesnt look to be available from the paths you have provided.

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You can find the Evidence of Cover here. The document is also publically available at the bottom of this article from our Help Centre.

I would also be interested in reading the actual policy for the insurance for 1M from Lloyds. This ‘Evidence of Cover’ lacks any evidence for me. There isn’t a document regarding an insurance policy neither on the website, nor in the app. So tell me how does such a huge private coverage which surely costs a hefty amount of money is not provided anywhere on the platform of Trading212. I keep wondering if I am protected or not with Trading212 and it prevents me to cross the psychological border of 20,000€.

There is only ever one guarantee in life. If you’re not happy with the regulatory oversight or additional cover provided, don’t invest is probably the answer.

Distribution of wealth is also the safest means you could have and everyone should probably employ.

:wave: We understand where you are coming from.

Here is the full policy:
Evidence of Cover.pdf (304.7 KB)


Thank you Gennadiy! Massive Kudos!


Question: obviously, the FSCS is there to ensure that in the event of T212 not holding sufficient holdings of X stock and then going under that investors are compensated

How does T212 (dealing in marginal shares) ensure that there’s a 1:1 backup of all shares to make sure that the 85,000 offered by FSCS doesn’t have to be called into play? An insurance policy for the gap cover, should there not be, wouldn’t be a bad thing.

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We work with Interactive Brokers to help safeguard your assets. You can check the section ‘Client Assets’ from here for more information on how the assets are protected.