Trading 212 charity

Who would like to start a charity ??? Maybe not now but we should all do some sort of pie and if we get our targeted return then we donate ??? Good fun and we’re helping some good causes???


You mean like a community pie with stocks in it? Sounds pretty cool tbh, and would be good for brand image, especially if there could be media coverage.
Just sounds difficult to set up a system where people can deposit into one pie, unless Trading 212 sets up their own account for it and everyone sends them cash. No clue but they seem to be quite busy, but would be nice to suggest after all this pie business is over


I know I was thinking that myself, but yeah something along them lines and I know be really good for brand image, think would be the first one as well! & tbh i don’t think it’s a better time!

A dutch webhosting company donates money to charity each year before Christmas. They poll their customers which charity to donate to. Before they have created a short list of possible charities.

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This isn’t what I mean tho, I mean everyone or whoever wants to be apart of it pledges a certain amount each week, month, quarter, year for a community pie which we all vote on to add remove sell etc and if we reach our targets for the year or 5 years or whatever then we donate a portion to a charity