Trading 212 Debt Card

Will Trading 212 ever come out with their own debit card akin to the Robinhood one. It would be pretty exciting if they did.


I would say it is in pipe:


That isn’t real, is it?

It was a teaser mid year. How and when it would be released, only T212 knows.

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Would be really good, if its real!

I think they wait to see how Brexit plays out… otherwise, it will be a big headache, moving all non-UK customers to a new branch.
Revolut already moved non-UK customers to Lithuania.

What is exciting about a Debit Card? :thinking:

Also, making easy to people to mixup their “investment money” and their everyday money is a very old crap behaviour and not recommended by any “financial advisor” on this planet.

I really don’t see a single advantage on this.

If you really need to withdraw a large amount of money from your investment account, probably it can wait one or two days, if you need spare money or buy a new iPhone, just use a Savings Account as “emergency money”.


Well obvious advantage is using dirty cheap FX rates for abroad. If they keep rates as is.

Could be there new source of revenue. Not to mention picture showing overdraft, so a lot od interesting features.

I would think of this as separate product to the investing/isa and cfd…

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It’s definitely something attractive to people who are retiring, can use money straight from account instead of withdrawing and using from another account

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So we will be able to use an overdraft to buy more NKLA?

Sounds great for the average dude :money_with_wings:

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You have a point!
Although those specific consumers might be very few right now to be the main target :wink:

Indeed, only around 7.5% of people (who voted on this poll) are over 50. So definitely not a huge market which is why it isn’t a priority

They might be bigger probably, but also not all of them may be focusing on a “monthly income” strategy to fund their retirement.

but it’s already a lot os speculation points from our side :grin:

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Ofc NKLA dividend would be great income stream for retired.

On serious note, basically RevolutV2 just better then revolut.

One idea that I have seen in other platforms is if it is completely connected and integrated with the account you could use option to Invest spare change - it is a small idea maybe but I think it could be useful - others like Moneybox or Acorn have it.
That would be simple and easy piling funds to invest.
It is only a thought.


Let’s face the truth, if unfortunately a person cannot do recurrent investments, as it’s already available on Pie Autoinvest, you need at least 200 years of spare changes to make any significant difference in your retirement plan.

I have no problem with everyone pushing Debit/Credit Cards to gain a tiny percentage on every transaction done by a customer, I just think that it’s very wrong to have this related to your investments, save some very narrow specific scenarios as one spotted by our Jedi member @cavanhagan.

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Why focus only on investing? Why not view it as standalone fintech product.

IBAN account, where you can receive salary , have great FX rates for day to day travels.

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That sounds like going into it more serious - which is great as well :ok_hand:
It will be interesting to see the product when it comes

There are plenty of this already, one more makes no difference.

investment money is not supposed to be spent, so I will be better without a credit card connected to my account :laughing: