Trading 212 down - Resolved

oh nice you know the reason, great :slight_smile:

If the HL people, paying 9.95 pounds a trade are having issues… I wouldn’t complain /that/ much about a free service. Regrettable, but that’s the state of things.

Maybe starting a HFT fund with their own servers might get you the result you want.


It is not a free service…they take a cut on the spread they show you and also charge you interest


probably it is a blessing in disguise, which is stopping me to put my money into sh**** stocks. I love you T212. #SilverLining

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212 working as normal for me now and discord just started working fine at the exact same time … definitely points to it potentially being a service provider related issue rather than 212 specific, so the people crying about buying more servers can hold off until staff post an explainer (edit: spoke way too soon, my bad lol)

Stop taking their part… they make a LOT of money from spread, commisions and so on… we are close to 1 HOUR without being able to log in… That is a lot… maybe other had the same issue today… but not for 1 hour…

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Look. I have a 2.5k pound profit position I would like to close by close of UK market. As much as I’m pissed, this is the risk I take by using them. Grow up.



Not only is it slow but it is filling orders based on market data that is not there. The images below show a gap 22 minutes. And guess what my order what filled in that time there is no way I can test if the order is correct or not.

EDIT: dear @Tony.V please have a look at this. Having missing data on your system is really bad and it would be awesome if today was a one time deal and you guys manage to fix it somehow :man_shrugging:


finally working again… @David where’s my 10k?

at least with Hargreaves Lansdown i can call and shout at them loll

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I lost a lot! how can that be normal service ?! Are you kidding me!

How much if you don’t mind telling?

It would be nice to at least see someone from Trading212 issue an official apology.

This is not the first time and unless some sort of official acknowledged is made it will happen again in a couple of day or weeks.

Can someone from Trading212 (@David) actually promise to be transparent and tell us what the problem is and official promise to create a plan to tackle the issue?

EDIT: thank you @Tony.V for the update :+1: As customers/users, it is nice to know we are being heard​:ear:Thank you for your hard work

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Give them a chance lol it’s been less than 2 hours maybe they’re doing something like uh I don’t know ensuring the platform stays up and working

Edit: should be noted may not necessarily have been a 212 caused issue, Discord are blaming an outage at Google for their problems - may be unrelated to 212 of course but that’d be where my money is

This is the second time it has happened in a week. They had a week from Tuesday last week too look at the issue and they did nothing. It happened again today. If we give them time will it happen again tomorrow?

I am sure their customer service team is not currently working on updating their servers. They should be here talking with us making sure we don’t leave their platform.

Please note I don’t have anything against the platform or their staff. But unless we put pressure on them and ask for a better service nothing will happen.

My contract is with Trading212. I don’t care who their CDN (a lot of services are down because of Cloudflare => Trading212 is most likely the same issue) or whatever the issue is. They need to be better prepared next time

We put pressure on Trading 212 => They put pressure on Cloudflare => issue gets fixed => we all :money_mouth_face:

EDIT: thank you @Tony.V for the update :+1: As customers/users, it is nice to know we are being heard​:ear:Thank you for your hard work


My app was frozen exactly after US market been opened, missed some opportunities to buy/sell stocks in better price… thought maybe my network was down , but no .

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Has anyone got any references for believing T212 is on Cloudflare as their whois/DNS info suggests not. I was wondering if they were considering it as a fix for the issue last week that they blamed on a DDoS.

The fact this seems to happen on high trading days suggests the possibility their own clients having to retry connections makes the matter much worse if not causing it in the first place.

I work for a hosting provider and none of our CF clients are having issues and is clean for today apart from a bit of re-routing which is normal for them.

Considering it was a large proportion of brokers, not just T212 I would think it’s likely to be the connection to/from the exchange being overloaded.


That’s due to Bidens policies