Trading 212 Support Team Unavailable/Slow Response

I’ve resorted to posting here to see if anybody else is having similar issues getting in contact with the customer support team as me.

I’ve currently been waiting for assistance from the Trading 212 team for over a week and have tried emailing several times, as well as using the contact form available on their website, but have received no response. I also tried calling the phone number listed for them on Google, and again did not even get put through.

I am a relatively new user, and am interested in whether other people have had similarly poor experiences with getting support, as I am concerned if I had an even more urgent issue I would not receive any help. If anybody has advice on a more appropriate way to contact the team then please also let me know.

@Team212 @David


We prioritize every single incoming ticket, ensuring that all urgent inquiries are replied with priority. Nonetheless, our team is also attending the rest of the queries in chronological order:

So that you can have an idea about how we prioritize our tickets:

  • Questions about order executions, deposits, withdrawals, etc.: High priority
  • Topics which can be found in our Help Centre, Free share inquiries, etc.: Low priority
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Mine should be in high priority then :slight_smile: look forward to the reply

Thanks for commenting, it’s reassuring to know for the future that urgent inquiries are given precedence. My current query is relating to the referral link for my account, so makes sense it’s lower priority. I’d appreciate a timescale for such low priority queries if possible though, as there are other potential users waiting for my query to be resolved before they sign-up and invest their cash.