Trading212 Not Reading Emails

Has anyone else found that whenever they email support, the support team doesn’t actually read the emails and provide a generic response only? Or is this just me.

I sent them this:

They responded with this:

Have I missed something here? It’s just really frustrating as it seems whenever I email they don’t actually read the email itself.

I plainly stated this has taken 9 days wait thus far, and their response states: “After the payment date for the dividend, it might take up to a week for it to be distributed, due to accounting reasons.” - I was already aware of the week delay as I have previously consulted the Trading212 website. I was enquiring why it has been 9 days and what is the current status/reasoning for that. As I do believe 9 days are greater than 7 days so them stating it takes “up to a week” surely my email has negated that hence my query.

Thanks all,


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9 days but maybe you have to take 2 weekend days off. So that would be 7. So you should get your money… right now ? I don’t know. Just trying to make sense of it as I never had any problems with the customer service. I find them to be super reactive usually…

@alimaqb Indeed dividend payouts usually take up to a week after the official payment date, however there are corner cases where it might take a bit longer although that’s quite rare. Nevertheless your position in the situation is reasonable and clear and we would like to apologize for the miscommunication. I can assure that the aforementioned dividends will be distributed as soon as possible and you will personally receive a notification.

Fingers crossed they will come through today or imminently.

Hi Michael, thank you very much for clarifying, the edge cases are understandable fingers crossed they shall be arriving any time soon.

Hi Michael,

I have still not received any dividends for VEMT & VUCP, as of tomorrow it will be 14 working days overdue. Is there any insight as to what is happening, whether this is a Vanguard issue or…?

I managed to receive another dividend today with no worries. I am just concerned maybe this is something to do with pies/import/export investments by running the iOS beta version of the trading212 app.



Hello @alimaqb,

You will have the dividends distributed by the end of the day (if eligible). Will get back to you when the process is completed.

Ok thats great, Ill expect it for the end of the day then. I’ve held the ETF’s for close to 4 months now so I will be eligible given I’ve been receiving them ok and on time during the period elapsed.

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If that’s the case, you will find the distributed dividends in your accounts.

I don’t think just a promise to sort out the OP’s dividends is in order but to look at what he was stating in the first place.

The Trading 212 customer service team are under -informed, under-resourced and under-educated to be answering emails with only automated pre-generated replies.

Why contact “customer support” when they give you such frustrating answers that the only way to get a REAL answer is to pop on to this forum and ask if the answer they got was correct? If one of the “few” more experienced staff can answer someones question?

I think T212 need to train their staff to be at least on the same page about issues and resolving customers questions, this is getting to be a very serious issue popping up on this forum a lot more than I’m comfortable with.

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Yes I have received the dividends this afternoon

@Drunkebab Do you mind reaching me via DM? I’d like to check the matter that you’re referring to, yet I wasn’t able to locate any chats/tickets with the email account that you’re using here.