Trailing stop loss question

I know trailing stop loss is available for only CFD, but not in INVEST. Why?

I’m a short term investor using pennystocks and I would like to secure my profit using trailing stop, instead of stop loss or limit.


Perhaps it is something they will add in the future. Not entirely sure.

You may be aware, but just be mindful that if the liquidity of the penny stock is bad, you may not be able to sell at the price you wish even with a STOP loss set as the price may gap/spike down.

Hope they add trailing stop…

I’m aware of the risk, but luckily I haven’t had these issues yet.

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I would appreciate it too, but on the other hand, I doubt we’ll get all “pro” features for free.

Hello 212, is there an update on this topic. Will there be a trailing stop loss function added to the platform?

I need this feature if I am to continue using this platform

Thanks in advance

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Yes - we intend to add it, but cannot commit to a timeline yet.