Trident Royalty - LSE: TRR Request recent IPO

Could you please add Trident Royalty (Ticker TRR) on the London Stock Exchange?

It is a small Royalty company with a lot of potential that had its IPO recently, in June. It is a very interesting royalty company because they intend to grow a diversified Royalty firm with exposure to minerals beyond the “precious metals” and excluding coal, contrary to the more common royalty firms that focus on precious metals. They currently have interests in an Iron ore mine in production in Australia, a Copper mine in production in Zambia and a Gold mine in development in Australia.

For anyone interested, here are 2 useful links.

Latest investor presentation from this month, July 2020:

Annual report for 2019 (out of date but may be of use):

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Hi @David, as TRR (on the LSE AIM) carried out its IPO very recently (June 2020) would it be possible to add it to T212?

Its ISIN is GB00BF7J2535, here is the link to the LSE website:

Yes people Trident Royalty TRR. Can we please get this added T212?

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