Tried to buy at 0.0370?

Tried to buy syme yesterday at 0.0370 and the whole day the order was pending, now today the markets opened and it’s bought my shares at 0.0380 which isn’t much of a difference but quite annoying considering I technically bought them at a Lower price. Is it cause it’s a smaller stock? The whole day yesterday the price barely updated at all even tho on other sites it was changing fairly frequently which is also very annoying because it kept saying the price was going back down to 0.0350 but every time I checked t212 it was still at 0.0370 and never changed for the rest of the day, Is this an error or something? I can’t think of any reason why other than it’s something that shouldn’t happen at all on a trading platform otherwise people might start to feel ripped off.

it just went up to 0.0390 I bought the shares at 0.0380 and it said -£2.62 now it’s at -£2.88? Even tho it went up?

You need to look on sell price not buy price when selling

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Weird things happen with these penney stocks. Not enough sellers/buyers.

Look at the sell price. That’s what you get for selling a share. It’s lower than what you bought in at.

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Okay I see it now, and yeah they’re much slower etc just decided I’d look at a couple and see what they’re like, I think penny stocks will probably be tough but with good potential and plenty of news being released regularly they’ll probably be a few that have a good running chance of expanding their market and bringing their gross margins up. I feel like the majority of companies prices will pick up more mid December and January but there will probs be a crash or two along the way.

This happens a lot. People see a share price of 0.0000001 pence and think it’s a bargain and just buy it, then have trouble selling it when the price goes against them. So do be careful with these and be prepared not to be able to sell for a week because nobody wants to buy it.

I don’t know anything about SupplyMe Capital, they could be the next Tesla.

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I don’t think I’ll want to sell them too quick definitely gonna hold for a while n buy more if they drop down and yeah I don’t know a whole lot about this company but the CEO does regular interviews every couple weeks or so and I don’t think every small stock will keep you as updated which I think is very important to note, but then Still need to be careful and look for any underlying issues incase they’re trying to appear better than they are.