Trying to get payment detail corrected

Not sure if this is the correct forum but I am struggling to get help from email I have tried to update my payment details with all proof of documentation and still not getting anywhere. I have switched banks all I am trying to do is withdraw funds to my new account.
Can I get some advise.

I can message a member of staff to take a look.

@Martin Could you or one of your team (@Team212) help this chap?

Worst case, as this is an ID query relating to payment, you could always email to hopefully resolve this issue. Someone will contact you though either way.

Hope this helps :v:

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Your a star fella. I’ve been trying for nearly a week haha. I changed banks on the 17th. just bobbling with the markets at the mo until it’s sorted lol hopefully that will sort it.

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@Deakin1980 I can see that our team is already working over your case. Further details will be provided as an update of your currently existing ticket. :mailbox: