Trying to register in the app (UK) but I don't know what is the Personal identity number is

Right after the Tax ID which, if I understand correctly, is the national insurance number in the UK, I’m being asked to enter Personal identity number. If I tap on “what is this” it says “Personal identity number is a unique sequence of digits/letters assigned by your country and used for identification purposes” that unfortunately doesn’t tell me much - the only thing that comes to my mind is passport number… tried googling and there is no mention about this. Thank you for your help!

Passport or driving licence.

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It may differ for each citizenship - I forgot to mention that my nationality is not UK so l had to look up what is the correct equivalent for my country here:

There are indeed some differences from country to country. Usually it is a unique number issued individually by the government that is used for taxation purposes.

Message me if any additional help is needed in regards to this question.

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Hi Michael, I’ve recently moved to the UK and am trying to open a Trading212 account. I need my national insurance number to do this but due to the pandemic they aren’t being allocated anymore.

Is there any other way I could open an account? Eager to start investing

@AMohamed This information is mandatory, however I will share some additional details with you through DM in order to see if we have other options.

Same problem here. Is it possible to change Personal Identity Number later?

@Vertius It would not be possible to proceed with the activation of your account without providing your Tax information. If there is anything specific in your case, please let me know so I could give you more details.

hello there.,

i wanted to use trading 212 and i live in United Arab Emirate… but it requires my tax ID which we dont have tax ID here and plus what is national passport number?. could anyone help me explain and help me through with this… thanks much appreciated

@shahab4224 Hello. Providing your Tax ID is a mandatory part of the account opening process. Usually it is issued by your country’s tax authority and is unique for each individual.

If the system requires you to enter your Passport Number, you need to simply enter the number, which is located at the top right corner on the main page of your International Passport.

I’m eu citizen with eu passport
But I live and pay taxes in UK.
I assume TIN is my UK National Insurance Number?
What is my National identity number …?
Is it the number from Uk driving license or Eu passport number or something else?
I think it’s very important to get this right for taxation purposes…Any advice will be greatly appreciated

@kimoluki The NIN (National Insurance Number) is issued to every individual who is working and paying taxes in the UK. It is not located on any of your personal documents (Like your Drivers Licence or Passport), but it is provided separately. More info could be found here.

Hello, Im from Czech republic and I donť know what u should fill in to personal identity number due registration. Could you help me with that? If u mean personal identification number or passport number or number of my personal identification card? Can be this number the same like my TAX number (personal identification number? Thanks for help

@Firykz In case you are a Czech citizen you need to enter your “Rodné číslo” as Personal ID.