Un-alphabetical order

The stocks in my investment portfolio appears to be out of order over a few days now. any reason for that?

Looking at the ways it’s ordered, it seems it takes into account capital letters too. So the H
in WH Smith is capital so it comes before the small a in Walt Disney. Then easyJet and iShares come next because they begin with small letters. Does this makes sense? Doesn’t seem like thats the way it should be though, shouldn’t be case sensitive.

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Basically I have 60 odd stocks. Easyjet use to be next to delta, WH Smith at the very bottom etc. in alphabetical order. All of a sudden those 3 disappeared and reappeared back t the bottom.

Well spotted! I used to work in IT, so I should’ve noticed that, but I didn’t!

It looks like the collation order has changed.

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Will be fixed. :bug: