Underdog stocks

Two days ago I was just going through the lists of stocks and came across fuel cell.

Looked at the charts and thought meh, why not.

Unfortunately I only got 25 shares. Next day it climbed 40 percent 🤦

Which underdog shares have you invested in which are doing well. It seems most people here talk about the ones from 212 hotlist

In the past I’ve bought elastic, blackline, Veronis and liveperson. Unheard of companies but they did really well. Once the trump storm calm I think they will continue to do well.

What are your underdog picks?

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I follow pages on Instagram, Reddit, I talk to people about stocks and they have never mention one I really love and it’s been doing great since ipo in September, $U, I love that company as I use it and I see a lot of potential there

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I am looking for my next stock like this, intially after research I landed on housing sector and Taylor Wimpey, since then its been my best performer. So now looking into which ones might be big in 2021.

U? Unity?
It’s been in the media way too much to be an underdog I think?

I made a fair bit with unity. Good potential. Might go back on if it hits the 90s

@Hbomb Taylor wimpey. Ewww. My first flat was made by em. Rubbish company… wouldn’t invest in them personally but if it’s working for you…good on ya

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@Buurbachi Yes I would never buy their stuff or any new build. However housing is a essential need and UK housing market is what it is, factor in their land assets and cash flow etc, they were super cheap (still cheap now arguably).

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QinetiQ did well for me so far. Quite underrated.

This are a few underdogs that I saw and that went up recently TTI, AML, RR, CORR…

I had a look at this a while but feel like I may of missed the boat a little now :man_facepalming:

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Tti is in top winners and losers almost every week. Lol

Understandable as I tries to get it before it rocketed

AFC energy🙂 check them out, some great news recently

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