Understanding the app charts

So we have 1D, 1W, 1M, 3M, 1Y, MAX

First question is why when I look at some stocks its like:

1W = 9:00 4th May to 9:00 11th May
1M = 6:00 10th May to 6:00 14th April
3M = 22:00 10th May to 23:00 10th Feb
1Y = 22:00 10th May 2020 to 22:00 12th May 2019

But then others will have a couple days difference on the start date? So one might show instead

1M = 6:00 10th May to 6:00 10th April

Second question is why on 1W, 1M, 3M, 1Y etc does the point in which it calculates the difference not use the start of the chart? It sometimes does but other times its a few hours or days into it.

It leads to weird charts where its green showing bull but its dropping on the chart and vice versa.

As an example this is the point where it’s calculating the actual difference.

So it starts the chart at 9:00 but is using 16:30 on this specific one. So the chart is green rather than red. But on others it might use the 9:00 value.

I can find any consistency or rules that determine at what point it uses?

Hi @phildawson, thank’s for pointing that out! We’ll investigate and fix it.

I have also noticed other things that are odd. If you look at your /charting/rest/v2/candles or /charting/rest/batch the most recent point does not match the current bid/ask.

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Another weird thing is if you try and get max like data say ONE_WEEK and 500 limit it runs out of ask data with nulls but still has the bid data for the same timestamp.