Upload Trading212 App on the Australian Apple Store


I’m an Australian resident, and I got an account on trading 212.
I couldn’t find the app for some reason on the Australian Apple Store, even if we are able to have an account in Australia, so I decided to download it from the Italian Apple Store.
The bad thing about that is that with every update you need to change all the billing info of the apple store account to update the app and then changing it again which is quite boring.
There is any chance to upload the app on the Australian Apple Store?

There was a similar issue with another country recently, and people suggested to download the app via TestFlight.
Here’s how: Become a beta tester of the Trading 212 iOS app

Should not be easier to upload the app on the Apple Store of the countries where Trading 212 operates?

Hey :wave:,

We understand that this is not convenient at all but the occurrence is caused by regional restrictions. Nevertheless, we’ve prepared this article as a workaround. As usual, if anything changes, we’ll make sure to let you know.