US politicians reach deal on $900bn stimulus package. Get ready

US politicians reach deal on $900bn stimulus package.

The show has started and investors know what to do.

Been priced in for a while imo - not sure today will be very green at all

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with the virus that mutated, I would think a red day today. But hopefully I will be wrong

Every red day is a great day. :partying_face:


I have some cash in the account for this reason! :laughing: :laughing: Hopefully there will be some “discount” today!

Does anyone know if there is a rough date for a possible Biden stimulus plan?

I am thinking about the large plan for infrastructure and renewables spending that he promised in his campaign. A 1.9 trillion plan was also mentioned recently.

We will have to see also if he passes it with republican support or just with all of the democrats.