USD/RUB market closed

Hi please could somebody explain to me why USD/RUB market is closed yet it is open everywhere else Forex is 24h through the week? I was up then market closed now on a live chart I am at a loss!

@Mackroll Our RUB currencies trade only when the :ru: markets are open - the spreads are tighter & liquidity a lot better.
We’ll take another look as to whether market conditions justify a longer trading time.

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Moscow’s trading hours are 9.30-19.00 so why is it closing at 16.30 if that is the case.

@Mackroll We’ve found that timeframe to be most the most liquid, probably because it also coincides with the end of the EU sessions.

Edit: It actually closes at 18:30 Moscow time, not 16:30.

The app/website both close the market for this at 16.30 so you have a problem

Afaik you see market time in your time zone.

GMT + 3 , Moscow Time, compare vs your time. By your screenshot should be GMT+1

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@Mackroll From now on it’ll be 24/5.