User engagement and (ignored) feature requests

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Hi Guys,

  1. Does T212 engage users in testing the functionality and usability of the WebApp at all? Right now I get the impression that the development model follows what the developers/UAT guys think the user wants and should have and not necessarily what the users need/are asking for.

  2. One functionality that is missing and has been requested countless times is Stop Loss/Take Profit. It works and cannot be confusing for users otherwise you would not have implemented it on your CFD platform. Is that so difficult to implement or T212 is not being completely transparent about the deafening inattention to this ask?

  3. Is there a timeline for fixing ‘Processing order’ which either fails to execute or does at the wrong time? Example - if an IPO is no live yet, don’t put an order through to processing.

  4. T212 is in a good place right now because we users give feedback like you asked us to. It would be a shame if you stopped listening users. If you zone me out for talking about those touchy points, not a problem at all.

Hi @flex,

  1. We constantly listen to users’ feedback and we take into account and evaluate all requests. One of the core reasons this forum exists is to help us understand the needs of users and gather feedback even better.

  2. You can limit your gains or losses by using Sell Stop and Sell Limit orders.
    Implementing Stop Loss and Take Profit as attached orders to the initial Buy order (like in the CFD account) is currently not possible due to the mechanics of the Invest & ISA accounts. The CFD account, allows you to set Stop Loss and Take Profit while configuring your Buy order because every buy order opens a separate position. The investing accounts aggregate all orders into a single position and that is why you can set Stop Loss and Take Profit only after you have opened your position.

  3. Order can remain in a “Processing” state for a longer time than the usual due to different reasons discussed in several topics across the community. We are looking into limiting the occurrence of this state. I can’t promise any deadlines on that yet.

  4. I agree that we are in a happy place as we’re fortunate to receive useful feedback from users like you. We are very grateful for that and we won’t stop listening. Ever!


Speaking of which, you can have you say here:

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@George Thank you for taking the time to reply.
Points 1, 3 and 4: Clarification accepted.
Point 2: Giving users like me option to select between hedging and aggregate mode in Invest & ISA could be a solution, right? @cavanhagan Could you add this to the list please? Will also dive in now to vote.

As always, great job guys, keep it coming.

You’re right, I think that is a good idea, as some counties tax laws treat each investment separately and not aggregate, so this feature could be very helpful to them. Not sure about the stops losses and take profits, I personally don’t use those in my style of investing so not sure if this is helpful. For the poll, it can’t be edited 5 minutes after posting so sorry about that, but your suggestions aren’t being ignored don’t worry. George has noted them. The purpose of the poll is just to help the teams understand the most demanded features so they can choose what is best to satisfy us clients. Means we don’t end up with the Australian stock exchange instead of multi-currency accounts :joy:… even though I still don’t understand the big attraction towards these

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@cavanhagan Agree.
Re: [quote=“cavanhagan, post:5, topic:22217”]
Australian stock exchange instead of multi-currency accounts :joy:

Me neither.