Using a pie to track the dax. Anyone done this?

I am experimenting I have as closely as possible tried to copy I shares dax ETF. Germany has a lot of good companies plus some of them pay a healthy dividend unlike the ETF. How close do you all think I can track the dax performance?

Well if you reproduce the DAX perfectly you should track it perfectly as it would literally be the index in your pie. I don’t know how many companies are in the DAX index but Pies are limited to 50 instruments max (haven’t tried it myself but someone told me that on here a couple of months ago).
Only problem I see is that the % of each company in the DAX is changing based on the % of total market cap it represents. So you’d have to update your pie now and then if you really wanna stay relevant. That being said, I highly doubt % of total market cap for a given company vary substantially on small periods as that would require the company to skyrocket Tesla-style for some reason.
Anyway, what you’re planning is doable if you ask me…

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30 Companies in the dax. I’m not able to track perfectly because 212 pies don’t allow 20.3% just 20% but I think I can get pritty close. The benefit being I actually own the stock and no fees

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If only 30 companies. You’re all set and good to go I guess. It’s actually a pretty good idea to save money. Might do the same at some point ! :slight_smile:

If you type over the percentage box then you can do decimal places if this helps?

It does. Just got in.from.13 hr shift at the hospital I will rebalanced it all tomorrow. Dividend yield.ranges from.3.5 -6% on the.companies in the dax so growth will be.much higher this.way

So far so good the I shares Dax is at minus 0.75 % my pie is at minus 0.62 % but no fees and I get good dividends