Vanguard Euro STOXX 50 GBP - ✅ Solved

There was no warning that this was about to happen
I want to know if it was sold at a loss or profit ?

Hello @JayCais3,

You can see the proceeds Profit/ Loss on your positions with the instruments in the Transaction Tab of your account. The liquidation came from the issuer - see below for more information.

The warning is something you can get with a more expensive or long established broker. I owned shares of this with Interactive Investor and received a message a few weeks previously that this was about to happen, and therefore checked up on Vanguard website and sold my shares at a time of my own choosing. Sending advance notice about such things is something Trading 212 may want to put on its roadmap to do.

Vanguard closed the fund because of insufficient interest. I replaced VX5E with iShares EUE, which is equivalent and more popular with investors.

Ok thanks for the clarification cheere