Verifying Account in Portugal

Hello, first hope everyone is safe and healthy!

Second, I’ve been trying to open an account for some time now. First I send my Identity Card but it seems in my country (Portugal) it was not enough and I need to send my International Passport. However, I don’t own one, but if possible I could send my driver’s license instead.

I’ve seen in another topic that some Portuguese users could register using only their ID cards or driver’s license. My question is will I be able to open an account with just my ID card or driver’s license somehow?

I’ve asked for help via email some weeks ago but I still have no reply.

Thank you in advance.

Edit: In less than 1 day the situation was solved. Thank you.

Hello there!

I have exactly the same problem, so I decided to weigh-in on the matter… Maybe my two cents will be helpful somehow.

Apparently, our National ID card is not accepted. I understand that you may fail to see the problem with that, since you still accept an international passport (that we can apply for).

The problem is that it’s not all that common for people in Portugal to have an international passport (we can freely travel inside Europe without the need for a passport).
We can certainly apply for one, but that takes time and money (even though its’ not that much, nobody really wants to have to apply for one…).

Obviously, my main suggestion is for you to accept Portuguese ID Cards.

Since I’m unsure if that’s possible on your end, I also have another - broader- suggestion:

From what I’ve read here, I understand that it currently takes around 72 hours for accounts to receive a response when it comes to the activation of that same account.

Unfortunately, when - for some reason - the answer is negative (either you can’t accept the documents or they’re somehow illegible) we have to wait another 72 hours (or more, in Kholl’s case) for the new answer to the new submission.

Now, that new submission will often have questions that need to be answered on your part before we actually submit the final documents - well, this leads to yet another 72 hours (or, probably, more).

My advice is simple: To give priority to those who have already waited a large amount of “cumulative time”.

Thanks for all your work!

@Kholl Your account went through our old verification flow, where only certain documents could be verified. Reach our team at, and we’ll initiate the new onboarding flow - be sure to update your app to the latest version prior all this.

@Silva Your account is already active. Please excuse the provoked delay.
As of your suggestion to prioritize the newly uploaded documents - at this stage, I don’t think that we will do it. We understand that the communication flow can be improved, however, if we go with your suggestion, it means that sometimes we’ll end up reviewing a single account several times in a row. That because clients occasionally miss crucial information from the emails which we send upon rejecting.

Nonetheless, the new onboarding flow will be improved even further (currently we’re working on that too), which will reduce a lot the back and forth. :v:

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Thank for your quick reply.
I will do that, I hope it works since I’m really excited to invest with the new pie feature.


I’m from Portugal and I had the same problem a few weeks ago. What bothered me the most was that I had already had an opened CFD account with you. I just wanted to add an Invest account. I was suggested by your support team to close my CFD account, with which I was not very pleased, and to open a new one. Once I did that reluctantly , the support team told me then they would not accept my Portuguese ID card anymore to validate my Identity.

But the strangest thing was I had already opened an account with you before with just my Portuguese ID card. Why that wouldn’t serve as proof of my Identity anymore, even more so when my personal details were all the same as my previous account?

I went back and forth with the id team and feedback team, but they showed themselves inflexible to resolve a problem created by themselves. The only thing I wanted in the first place was to add an invest account to my then current CFD account.

I truly do not understand.

Please, help me solve this problem and in order to get back to your platform.

Many thanks beforehand.

P. S.

They are demanding a passport to validate my ID, but I don’t own one. Never did.

@HCPA Your first account was registered under the FSC regulated entity. As such, the Invest account type was not available, and you had to register a new account under the FCA regulated entity. Note that the different regulators are having a different set of accepted documents to verify your identity. Hence the reason why you were asked for further details.

I can’t locate your new account, however, I’d suggest you update your Trading 212 app to the latest version and just then start the verification using our new flow.

That might be because I deactivated my account. I’ll ask it to be activated again and give it another try. Thanks.

@HCPA We can’t reactivate a suspended account, I’m afraid. Instead, you’ll have to set up a new account.


Thanks you anyway.

I’m also with the same problem in ID verification.
I sent 2 times my Portuguese ID Card, but it isn’t accepted, always the International Passaport is requested. I’m don’t have an International Passaport, because isn’t mandatory in Portugal, and I can travel in European Union with just my ID Card. As others already explained in previous posts.

As it seems, other Portuguese already registered with the ID Card, can you help to overcome this problem?


Edit: Situation resolved in a few minutes. Thanks.
It seems that the problem was the image quality of ID Card, but the 2 received messages always stated the need of the International Passport.

Suggestion to T212, if the images provided have bad quality, I think is better to say it than send messages requesting the International Passport. That way avoid customer frustrations and probably some will give up from investing with T212.

As far as I can see the issue in your case is not related to your document, but to the quality of the image that you took in order to verify it initially. I will send you instructions on how to proceed in a PM.

Good afternoon,

I’m having the same problem: can’t verify account with national ID card.
After exchanging messages with the support team, it appears there’s no way to validate de account without the international passport.

Is it really the case or is verifying the account through the app still possible with the ID card?

Thanks in advance.

@satyphan I can see that our team sorted this out already & your account is now verified, so welcome aboard :wink:

Yeah, doing the verification through the app solved the issue, thank you.

Anyway, can you could shed some light on why there are two validation processes and one requires International passport to comply with European policy and the other doesn’t? Seems kind of redundant.

Thanks again.


I’m also having trouble re-verifying my account after my ID expired.

When I first opened my account I had no issues using my National ID card as proof of my identity, then suddenly after my ID expired, I resubmitted my updated National ID Card and it got rejected saying it was mandatory to verify my account with an international passport.

After some exchanging some messages with the support, they told me that the reason behind this was that my ID card had been verified automatically while registering. After the card had expired, a manual verification of the new document was needed. Unfortunately, this manual verification at this moment is not possible for Portuguese ID cards.

I must confess that this was not the experience that I was expecting from your service.

Just saying that it isn’t possible is not a satisfactory answer to give your customers that have already invested some money on your platform.

It’s not my fault that you can verify my account initially with my ID Card, but then, after my ID expired it’s just not possible anymore, because you have two different processes to verify the same document.

Our verification system is built in a way that it would require a different document in case something doesn’t seem right with the initially submitted one. Usually such situations occur when the quality of the image isn’t good.

After a double check of your ID document I was able to see where the issue came from and I was able to successfully verify it. Your account is now fully operational. Apologies for the initial mishap.

I can confirm that my account is now fully operational.
Thanks for the help Michael.P