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Hi. I have introduced my friend to Trading 212. She has set up her account and deposited money to her account but she has not yet been asked to verify? There is no option to carry out verification. Can you help?

She might have been automatically verified.

Looks that way. Does she not need to send photo id?

If verified automatically, she doesn’t need to send a photo :slight_smile:

@George Why is no-one from Trading212 responding to my emails. The customer service has been extremely horrible.

The answer is here:

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Hi George. Neither myself or my friend have recieved our free share?

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I must agree I am in the same boat as @M4rtin

I created my account last Thursday, fulfilled the terms, deposited £400 and also I have invited a further 3 friends.

I understand the bank holiday weekend and corona haven’t helped but the terms state it is done automatically within 1 business day.

I haven’t received a single free share which has been mentioned and one of the reasons for moving to this platform. A shame as I love the app, just seems a little dishonest.

Can someone advise or look into my account to see if the link has worked?

Thank you.

Please, bear in mind that your friends need to also activate and fund their accounts in order to count as successful referrals.

Hi @George

Thanks for the quick reply.

They have done this and also traded. (They are fellow work colleagues)

Also, the link I came from (someone invited me on social media ) hasn’t registered and worked either?

Is this a bug which has caused an error with the tracking?

@joshreeves We’ll definitely look into your case. Please, give us some time :slight_smile:

I joined from a link of a friend, about a month ago now. I deposited almost immediately and have been trading ever since. No free share for either of us.
I waited after reading they are dealing with an influx. Last week I emailed asking about it. Basically I was told the link was not registered on their end, to quote “most likely the device of the referred person blocked the attribution of the link (or there were other external circumstances which we cannot be liable for).”

So basically telling me, you probably did use a link but we dont see it therefore you dont get your free share. Doesn’t feel right…

I referred another friend who’s authentication is taking ages due to address verification issues. I somehow doubt they will ‘see’ that referral after such a long time either.

It’s a shame it appears they’re having some technical issues at the moment (probably an influx of people wanting to invest) which is no fault of their own so I don’t want them to suffer because of it.

I have been contacted by support who are actively looking into it as we speak. Hopefully they will be able to help you. I’m sure it’s just a technical issue as on other forums people are receiving their shares.

I’d say give them a chance - I’m sure one of the admins will help

@joshreeves I really don’t mind delays. I can even wait a month for my free share. But to be told they cannot find the referral, admit it can be lost and deny liability and refuse to offer the share - feels like a slap in the face. Not the nicest way to start a relationship with a company.

To add insult to injury, 6 orders were randomly placed on my account. They’ve sold 6 of my stocks, I have no idea why. I just created a topic asking for answers and they have deleted the post? What on earth is going on here… I’m sure it’s illegal to execute orders without express permission of the client. I cannot purchase the stock back either…


  1. You got a personal message after your post was deleted.
  2. You were sent both an email & platform message clearly stating that there was an issue with your Chesapeake position & that it will be corrected. Profiting a sizeable 4-digit number from a $15 position should’ve raised a red flag. Instead, you just reinvested all the funds into other securities.
  3. Only investments made with the incorrect funds were sold in order to correct the mistake.
  4. You won’t be able to open new positions until everything’s been corrected,
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