Virgin Galactic Stock not working

Virgin galactic stuck in fridays closing please help

Update: Up and running now

Still not working, market orders stay in pending forever.

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same here, market orders are not executing, I have noticed the same thing last week as well that market orders don’t execute in the first 10 or 15 minutes of market open after that it executes normal

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Mostly due to the high volume and fluctuations in the market.

I think when it settles for a bit then your order is executed!

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I have an IB account where market orders are almost always instant, probably has to do with IB being DMA and T212 routes through MMs.

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This happens rarely & only during the first minutes of US session - we’re working on resolving it.


The Virgin galactic market is currently open on the CFD platform - it seems the pre-market feature has been made available to us.

However, the admins will have to confirm this.

A fix for the delay bug at market open is coming tomorrow morning. We’ll keep you posted. Just to be completely transparent - the problem is on our side. The execution at Interactive Brokers is fine.

You might experience a delay with this particular stock today!


This happens all the time actually. It’s happening now. Trying to sell. Won’t go through. Happened yesterday. When it went through. I ended up loseing money. Contacted support. They ignored my message

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Nobody is trying to squeeze anything. It’s a technical issue affecting a few heavily traded stocks at market open. As I said, a fix is coming tomorrow. Sorry guys but we are breaking new records for the number of executed trades.

We’re implementing some serious infrastructure upgrades and many optimisations after which we’ll be able to handle much, much more load.


I have virgin galactic shares and never had any problem with them , I am looking for away to transfer them to my investment account if I could do that