Virgin Group Acquisition Corp II and III

Hey @Team212 !

I’m unsure if we can get the stock for Virgin Group Acquisition Corp II just yet, but I’d like to ensure it’s on the radar so that it will be available as quickly as possible. The units were listed on the NYSE on March 23rd as ‘VGII.U’ and the common stock is expected to list under the ticker ‘VGII’ - though I. Would it be possible to get access to this, or are we forced to wait until the commons split for buying in an ISA?

(VGII SEC filing -

An S-1 was also filed with the SEC on March 9th for Virgin Group Acquisition Corp III to begin trading on the NYSE as VIII “promptly after the date of this prospectus”, and the commons will begin trading 52 days after listing.

I am very keen to invest in both of these whether it be units, warrants or commons, so if there’s some way that we can get them that would be incredible! :blush:

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I had the first one VGAC in an ISA, but held when i should of sold, though still made a small profit.

Would like these too please.

Me too! I’m guessing we both were thinking the same thing before the announcement of the acquisition target - so quick availability of VGII and VIII are super important! :eyes:

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