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Vislink Technologies Inc


:pray: thanks


This is going to go bananas can we please have this added soon @David :pray:

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Doesn’t seem like theyre taking requests anymore. Dont wanna be a sour puss but nothing that Ive requested even a month ago has been added. Would love to be proven wrong

Have you been following GNUS today, it got added this morning to T212. Had a look at the pre-market and thought nah, and now heading to $8. Shame it wasn’t added yesterday…

At $6 I didn’t bother as I was expecting a massive dump and it kept on going!

Yes I have. I was just telling my mate how I saw a reddit post about it a month ago when it was at $0.3, saying how it would go to $2. Had a look on T212 and saw it wasn’t offered so I just moved on. This morning I was watching how it had risen to $4 and thought damn, some people got really lucky with that 1000%+ gain. Then market opened and now it’s past $7…
At this point I have no idea where it can go or what is happening.
I feel I’ve missed this one. We’ve got GGP as consolation prize, but I’m scouting out the next one. What’s your take?
Also, any exciting things on VISL? I requested it and nothing happened so I’m not up to date

I’m expecting big things from VISL soon.

I’m currently playing MARK as we speak, I balsed up originally buying close to $3 but managed to avg down to $2.4 over the last day. Expecting it to go to $5 Thurs/Friday so :crossed_fingers: a nice quick double.

Up 22% so far.

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Nice, I’ll have a look at it thanks!

I’m guessing you saw Paddy’s tweet about GGP getting added to Sprott Junior Miners ETF
I’m starting to look through their holdings. These are junior miners, so small cap
Good starting point to search for something good. Don’t think this big ETF’s research analysts just buy in at 3-4-5% stake willy nilly

Only issue is I’m not a geologist, and it’s hard to understand finding reports. With GGP those two videos made by the geologist fella helped massively

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@David A lot of people seem to be interested NYSE: VISL
Hopefully it gets prioritised like GNUS.



I spotted but havent looked at it. Been so engrossed with working out which is the next easy day/swing trade.

Yeah I started looking at other mining but not had a chance to really research them. GGP is my only long atm :sweat_smile:

I managed to get in on POG when it dipped to 22p, I was going to hold till 28p but got impatient and sold at 26p

I accidentally bought ~£100 of AMC the other day, and got rid of it this morning. Now helping towards making a couple grand with MARK.

I actually sold 10k GGP early on, but it’s probably about the same made by swings as if I had kept it in. :see_no_evil: Still got 40k for a long hold. Better than keeping that in a bank.

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That will still be plenty if all goes to plan!
Just out of curiosity, where do you find your swing trade stock ideas from? Some kind of volatility filter?
I try to keep my ears to the ground on various reddit subs, just gotta be mindful of pump and dumps

The best way I’ve found is actually twitter and using cashtags. You’ll pickup watchlists, just need to work out who are pros and who are mindless retail that are following the herd.

I’ve mostly been going with wait for the initial pump and dump and then jump on it. Lots don’t bother doing any DD and sell and move on thinking they lost out. Basically if you see retail traders pumping it on twitter it’s time to sell, or wait for the dump and buy. There’s twitter it’s that check Robinhood trending and you almost need to do the opposite.

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I’m in MARK too. Check out XSPA - running big without PR. Took out a big chunk of profit and got back in.

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Yeah I’ve been watching it since about 50p and was tempted at 0.8888 the other day, i have no other spare funds to invest with. :sweat_smile:

Why don’t we create a trading club thread on T212 that can help give heads up on stocks.

Maybe two threads, day/swing plays and another for long

Stocks: Day/Swing trades for June 1-7th
Stocks: Day/Swing trades for June 8-14th

Stocks: Long to invest in June



Xspa, I’m wondering how it could it grow? Not many people imo are going to have spa’s at airports, I could be wrong.

It’s a pump and dump stock that has no use other than quick profit from new traders that are jumping on anything trending out of fomo. You aren’t meant to hold unless you want to lose.

I’m a rookie at this, and I’ve been burnt a few times reading the situation wrong.

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Ahh haha I was just wondering! You never know, but I understand

Worth reading up on the company in detail - Covid testing in airports. I’m planning to sell EOD tomorrow but it’s been a fun one.

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Yeah that’s a great idea. Currently harder to filter between the real and fake comments out on twitter and reddit pumping penny stocks. I’ve seen so many sudden pumps, which is when it comes on my radar, and then best I can do is consider getting in after the dump when it settles. Usually not much DD to go on since they are moved by mere market sentiment and not real fundamentals.

Could use a group to talk ideas who we trust dont have any ulterior motives

I dipped my toe in MARK after phil mentioned it just to have a bit of skin in the game, but really not much. Im trying to understand the situation before I do anything. Based on the news that came out I see it rallied yesterday up to where it’s at now, but now the premarket is showing a dip. What’s the play here?
Phil mentioned maybe 5-6 by Friday.
I guess we’ll see if it continues up today, but the premarket surprises me