(VISL) Vislink Technologies Inc

I’m fully expecting a small dip after open on MARK could be 2.7-2.9 region but then back up, I’ve been watching for news on casinos etc still no PR yet so that will be a catalyst. I’m expecting a close today towards $4. Pre-market closing back nearer $3 atm, an open ~$2.90 probably.

I think there’s some play left in XSPA today but unsure Friday.

As always set stops once it clears a safe zone so you can’t lose anymore than you put in, and gradually move up. Set price alerts if you aren’t able to keep close tabs in case big money pulls out.

It could run higher over the next month depending on what PR is given out, I doubt I’ll hold. Possibly over the weekend depending on what Friday does.

Nice one on the MARK info! Sounds exciting

Unfortunately seems yet again we missed out on VISL, looking at premarket. Cant wait for the day when T212 has all the 10,000 stocks available. These penny opportunities come and go before they can add them.
Next one I’ve started to look at is SOLO, which Ive requested, but Im not holding my breath.
Not too late for XSPA?
Loving all the opportunities out there!

Are you watching NKLA today, ticker just updated in the app.

It should be about $15 max at this point, so it should have dumped but it already has such a fan base supporting it might be hard to shake.

Probably will double today instead! I haven’t got any shares in it, if it halves I’ll get on board.

People comparing it to a Tesla already but it’s like comparing a pea to a bowling ball.

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Still expecting dip but MARK pre-market now 3.14 +0.090 (2.95%)


Screenshot 2020-06-04 at 14.28.22

Has anyone requested CIDM yet? 250% jump pre-market today!!!

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Yeah I know, and XSPA premarket +50%. Gonna wait out the first bit now after market open, see how things settle

Holy crap they have all gone nuts.

NKLA now tanking…

GNUS pushing $10 $11!

Seems like there’s one like this every day now!
Didnt see anything mentioned of CIDM before this, damn

I’d love to have the balls to buy GNUS / XSPA at this point but it looks like it’ll explode.

Another -$15… :pray:

This is just getting silly!

Screenshot 2020-06-04 at 14.45.20

Whoever got in GNUS a month ago is having the time of their life

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Both about to pop in the next 10secs

Did you just catch the MARK dip? I just grabbed a few more @ 2.9

GNUS must be halted? Edit: now unhalted and going back up, crazy!

Yeah I did :slight_smile: Maybe I can average down later
Would hate to see this become a NAT now that Ive bought in

I’m hoping now thats out the way it can continue up today. Looking for SSR that should mean $5

I think GNUS is halted again, its like its got nine lives. I have a feeling its going to be back to $1 after the halt this time.

Screenshot 2020-06-04 at 15.15.46

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:sweat_smile: had my stop at $2.7 but moved it just in time. Moved it back to $2.6 whilst it messes about.

Basically some dick just tried it on to cause a mini dump by dropping multiple 100k shares at once.

A few large buys incoming…

I’ve turned this into a MARK thread haven’t I. :laughing:

When I was expecting a dip this morning I thought 2.8 tops. The MMs really trying to dig deep on it taking it back to 2.7. Triggers SSR so tomorrow should be ace.

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Sold at 3.1 for a minuscule profit and set a limit buy for 2.750. Felt like my average was too high.
Now I’m watching like a hawk, for another down swing. If there isnt one, oh well. Will buy back before market close. Wouldnt wanna miss out on a crazy premarket rally tomorrow

Available now although missed the initial big jump :sob: