(VISL) Vislink Technologies Inc


Buy sign as they come haha . Cheers :beers:

Shame it never dropped back down today, ended up buying back at same price as I had before. So much for hawking over it all day

And now, to the moon :rocket:

Let’s see what discobot says about tomorrow.

@discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Without a doubt


easily $2 by next week VISL

You still holding MARK?

If you are wondering about the sudden spike

Yep I had eyes on it as it went up and still watching it atm… :eyes:

I should have done the 2.9 sell and 2.6 buy back, still have the same 370 shares in this.

Still above vwap, wondering if it’ll do anything special in the next 30mins until close.

I was about to do that too… caught me totally off guard as it triggered my alarms. Curious to see premarket movements tomorrow. I just hope they start releasing something more than just tweets… whoever their media relations is needs to step it up


Is mark doing something atm? Just trying to find news on it. Taken it back over my avg :pray:

Edit: was just about to hit sell a few and stopped for a second. Glad I did.


My buy in is now pretty much the vwap line.

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This stock is hard work to deal with, I’ve sat through all this now. So many times I could have sold and rebought it.

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Frustrating isn’t it. I’ve set a sell limit to 2.9 to get in a dip after. If it decides to moon at that exact point, then oh well, I’ll take it. The earnings and contracts catalysts everyone is hoping for are still ways to go I think.
Out of curiosity, what charting software and stock screeners have you found to be good?
I’ve seen people talking about tradingview/ninjatrader but both are quite expensive, and I’ve just signed up for Koyfin, but still shopping around for screeners
What’s your setup?

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Nope, just chilling here thanks. No news sadly. Still furloughed. Will report back tomorrow.

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Tradingview atm, I feel like I’ve only touched the surface but it’s the best I’ve seen.

I used the standard MACD and RSI, but the VWAP stdev bands V2 mod (turn off Upper Lower VWAP lines And the middle fills and make the make the center solid, most of the time only the 2nd bands).

On desktop it makes more sense to have all open but works fine on mobile, here’s the end of that mark play today.

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