VWCE high spread

Today on the app I bought some VWCE units and I noticed huge spread… is this normal?
Strange to see that VWCE is highly illiquid. Maybe in the future we will be able to see volume of specific ETF? Spread is too expensive to buy this ETF. I’m thinking to switch everything I have to EUNL because the spread is like 0.10

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There seems to be a technical problem with XETRA exchange. It’d be nice if Trading 212 showed an alert explaining there are technical issues (although not related to them).



Lets hope they fix this spread, otherwise there is no point of buying this ETF.

@diegos The information was also present here:

However, we’re also planning to integrate (I can’t really provide you with ETA) internal notes field below the affected instruments.

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So you can confirm that spread fault is because of Xetra problems?

@Kraske We don’t & aren’t legally allowed to mark up the spread. Some less liquid ETFS have wider spreads, that’s completely normal & absolutely out of our control.

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Thank you for information!

now it’s fixed.