We need quicker stock listing on hype/momentum stocks

Over the last few months momentum based stocks have been the biggest plays. Although the addition of ~1000 stocks over the last few months has been phenomenal , I feel that some of the stocks have been added too late or not at all to truly maximise gains.

For example last week UONE rose so quickly and then it was quite obvious that UONEK and CARV were going to be the next play - they were even requested on the forum but haven’t been added…

Can we have priority for momentum based/hype stocks especially for those between the $1-$5 range?


Totally understand why they aren’t being added sooner at the minute but equally understand the frustration.

If @Team212 could dedicate even half an FTE one day per week to keeping the momentum going with adding the most requested, it would be amazing.


Yeah, I can’t wait for the time we’ll have that 10,000+ stock catalogue to choose from… until then pennystocks/hype stocks just don’t work for us with the speed they get added.
I’ve stopped requesting them at this point, this is still the best platform in my view and dont wanna sound ungrateful
We’ll get there


what is frustrating is that back in April they said on this forum 10,000 stocks would be added and I quote “they will be added in batches and it wouldn’t take long” , for me I was thinking a few days or at least the end of April. Now the expectation has been there ever since, maybe they should have been a bit careful what they said there.

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They did say “by Q3”, which was later corrected to “by end of the year.”

In fairness we do have a dirth of penny stocks to wade through, eg. BIOC and IDEX, both of which have been hyped to the moon last week and likely to continue this week too. But you’re right, at the moment, unless the stock adding process is given some precedence on an ongoing basis, the likes of BYFC are going to be missed.

My personal requests are more established as I’d love for Illumina and Wayfair to be made fractional and for Biopharma Credit Inv Trust and Wynnstay Group to be added.

I like the quick wins, but I’m a long term hold guy at heart.

There are plenty of folks who requested certain stock back in March/April and are patiently waiting for them to be added. Some of them run 100% since requested, most of them are actually valued this amount and are still undervalued , I don’t see outcry of those people.

I am not sure why the shouting should get you first in line while others who patiently wait get back of line? So the message what you are sending, lets all shout and push ourselves to front of queue…

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In fairness no one on this thread has tried to force a stock up the ladder, only examples were given. Personally I’ve raised my requests and am, as you say, patiently waiting.

The commentary here is on the process, hence why it is under the ‘Feature suggestions & ideas’ section.

I know what @Team212 will say, and I would agree, as how do you prioritise a hype stock? You’d have to be watching constantly, waste of manpower. But let them say it.

Why not go to HL or IG? They won’t be added here when requested. Pay £3 and trade there.

Yeah exactly, that would be my play. Buy somewhere that offers until they’re added here, then transfer over. I’m not averse to a transaction fee or two. :wink:

It is not directed at you personally. :slight_smile: nor specifically at this thread alone.

Just seing trend of this FOMO topics where it is demanded priority over all other people that made request and wait.


+1 for these stocks to be added. Thanks

If there is any priority it makes sense to give it to stocks that are about to IPO.

I know that T212 has hired a bunch of people recently, hopefully some of those new people are going to take care of new stocks or the people training them will go back to adding them or whatevs is going on. :grin:

I suppose T212 are playing catch up right now with all of the new upgrades to the app and huge increase of new traders on the platform!!

I’ll add my support to this - a lot of momentum stocks that have shifted by huge amounts previously requested and still not available - it’s almost too late for these now but adding them quicker will be appreciated.

I’m sure i’m vastly under appreciating the work involved here - I thought if you have a platform that has 1000s of stocks already, that is the hard part sorted, as long as the information/data is available to 212 upstream then it’s just a case of configuring the symbols… there is more too it i’m sure.

It does sound like that could the the way they are going though with the announcement although that’s unfortunately been put back.

Hopefully soon it would be a matter of collecting the information from the search box of what people are after, seeing what is not available and in high demand and adding them automatically.

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Priority should be to first ask, first served. There is probably a reason why additions are running slow