Web platform very slow and unresponsive

Is the web platform very slow and unresponsive for anybody else today?

We haven’t received similar reports, @WakeMeUp. I’ll send you a DM right away so we can check what’s causing the difficulties you’re experiencing :ok_hand:

Hi Michael, had the same speed problem on 212 desktop platform since I signed up nearly a year ago - often takes several seconds to get pages to respond/run during trading hours and portfolio page is painfully slow - can take over a minute just to load and then keeps freezing repeatedly when it does. Any recommendations to help with this? I’ve had no other problems with any other websites running slow so presume it isn’t caused by my computer/broadband speed?.


Welcome to the Community, @AndyM. I’ve sent you a DM - please check your inbox :mailbox_with_mail:

It still happens to me that the web platform becomes increasingly less responsive and eventually unresponsively. A hard refresh (hold down control and press F5 if you have a windows PC) normally works but it is variable whether it works for a short while before gradually becoming less responsive or then works for days.

I assume it is the code for the platform has a leak in it or similar problem