Web - Toolbar controls


Could we have the option to customise the tool bar? So we could, for example, display maybe a submenu since theres plenty of screen real estate (similar to MS Word for example where you can show more options or hide them in the ribbons). If not possible, maybe then change the click functionality. If not clicking in the arrow beneath the body(so, clicking in the main body) then it switches throughout the list per each click.
It will be much easier and quicker to memorize the number of clicks we need to do based on the current selected option than to everytime click look at it and select the one we want, overtime.

I have to swap between controls often and its not very practical atm i think but not sure about what other people think

Annotation 2020-04-09 144424

Edit: this would be for every control with multiple options and not just the pointer (pointer just picked example)