Web version - needs massive improvements

I love trading212 and i love the app but i cant stand the web version of it.

I really feel this is something you guys need to work on massively.

Im not trying to name drop but i think trading212 needs to have a look at webull as an example which is probably one of highest used web tool for Americans.

Here is my feedback anyways:
1m and 1h on charts? can we play get 5m, 15m and 30m
can we also get a news or pr section for that specif stock
key statistics
analysis page as well would be nice
a better portfolio page? think this needs a whole revamp imo

I feel like the web interface needs to be completely revamped but then again that is just me and some people might just like it the way it is but this is a place where it has massive growth and potentially could lead to more users here

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It’s getting one. Have a search of the forum.


Definitely, especially for the news section, volume and at some point level 2!