Website down, app down - Resolved

Not been disrespectful , but I’m trying to log in from morning and everything is down, I’m not saying in this time I would of bought all apple shares but still,…

It’s been fine for me all morning? :man_shrugging:t2:

Only thing I have noticed the forum seems to be slightly different design. Or just me? App been fine although I havent purchased/sold anything today.


Yeah it’s changed for me too. But that’s complete unrelated to Trading 212’s app

Yeah we seem have some squares instead of circles I’ve noticed.

I was hoping for the app update to have the pie filter thing so individual investments are in another section like the desktop app.

Appears the default Discourse style.

I’ve ask some friends and their seems to work fine, mine can’t connect with server

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Check you have the latest update. Mine prompted me and said the old app is no longer supported

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Yep, updated and as well delete the app and reinstall

No idea why it’s not working then

What’s more annoying is, I can’t find nowhere a customer service call number or an email to flag that. Still not working…

Hello @Nicolae2008,

I will DM you to discuss your case further.

Now it’s working , thank you lads for help.