Well Done - Tesla Stock Split

I just want to say well done to Trading 212 with the Tesla Stock Split. I see it’s all smooth with a nice message on the page explaining the price difference. Even the price alerts have been updated to reflect the split. Fantastic job. Hargreaves Lansdown, on the other hand, still have my share count the same and I’ve lost 60% today.


Agree 100%, this split has been managed very well indeed. Thanks go to all the guys at Trading 212 :sunglasses::+1:t2:


Thanks for the shout-out, guys. We appreciate it :blue_heart:


Is there any way of knowing how many shares I received in the split?

(Your shares pre split * 3) - your shares pre split

Not easier to do x 2/3 what you have now?

Or 2x times your original shares. It isn’t complicated math lol :joy:

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But as far as I can tell there’s no way to see how many shares I had before. I suppose I could go through my history and tally them all up. Basically I’m interested to know if the +2x shares is whole numbers only or includes fractional shares. So if I had 100.1 shares before, do I now have 300.3 or 300.1?

I have some TSLA shares on Interactive Investor, and in the transaction history there’s a new entry for the +2x shares — a whole number of shares (no fraction).

They split everything usually including the fractions.

The first time Tesla shares split 5 to 1 my fractional shares were sold at the current market price automatically, but my whole shares were split. This was because at the time T212 did not support splitting fractional shares, but i believe they do now.

You can go into the stocks history and see how many you bought and at what prices.

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Don’t start me. My Trading 212 performance numbers are meaningless now because of that stock split. Warning to all to track your investments manually before it gets harder. As simple as monitoring the value and the total amount you put in at a regular interval.