What are Leverage Shares ETPs?

Adding to this, elsewhere on forum read longer term the leveraged share performance may not exactly follow underlying share. Why would that be? Again I’m thinking if hold for 1,3,6 months

Because for a single day, the ETP does exactly what it’s supposed (multiples the return of the underlying stock by a leverage factor). But if you hold for longer periods - it can both work in your favour (in trending markets) or against you (in volatile markets). I think the charts below can help make this a bit more clear.

Leverage = More Risk

So please make sure you understand how the products work before holding for longer periods.

The tracking difference comes from ‘daily compounding’ - the link I shared in my previous comment might help.

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Now all the Leverage shares are fractional!!!
Can be purchased using PIE’s.


Thanks! Well aware of the increased risk in leverage, the compounding explained the missing gaps in why it’s not as simple as 20% up over 3 months will = 60% on a 3x.

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