What are T212 going to do about these crashes?

Mainly asking because I am seeing countless people saying that they are done with T212 and are going to find a new brokerage. So they need to do something and announce it fast before we lose lots of members and become an outcast platform!

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If they were gonna do something they would have done it by now

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imagine what a timely crashed platform

There was another Ddos attack but I’ve lost money and am fuming. I’d like to know what they’ll do too, such as honor the highest prices on our open trades.


I think it’s an ongoing thing. More users than ever i’d expect. And it’s probably not the same issue popping up just due to high load. There are other interdependent services that could be the bottleneck.

I guess it’s just one of the problems you tend to get from running your own servers. But I mean if everyone wants to leave and experiance the same issue elsewhere and wants to pay for it, that’s fine lol. They will just come back when their (insert favourite broker) goes down.

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Nothing. They know its only going to happen a few times a year (like today when everyones logging on for the usa market) and the cost to have permanent capacity at today is not worth it. They just have capacity for a normal day and let it fall over a few times a year.

Not an issue these days - AWS can scale wth demand


You can’t simply say that. There are trade offs going with a cloud based solution.

Because of them i lost my money. Thank

They’re on AWS - at least somewhere in the chain.