What does US $ Crash means for Investors?

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Let me give you a disclaimer at very first that I am not a professional instead a newbie. I have been reading that US Dollar is getting devalued. They have been on dollar printing spree because of Covid-19.

Here are few headlines :

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Countries on which China has influence are going to trade in currencies other than US Dollar. If you also see price of silver and gold you’ll also see that they are skyrocketing, this is also because the US Dollar is getting devalued.

Now I have invested a lot of money in the US stock market, for example I have bought shares that are in US Dollar currency and then I have bought few ETFs which are in Euro but they have invested almost 96% in US companies.

The question is what does it means for investor like me? Should I take all the money out the US stock market and US companies ? and invest in some Euro based ETF, which has silver or gold in physical form?

Please tell me what do you people think?

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What crash?

Russia Today is not a valid source of information. You should try the Onion, much more responsible reporting.


Thank you very much for your time. Would please recommend me more good sources?. I understand RT is biased towards US.

Thank you very much for your time. Would please recommend me more good sources?. I understand RT is biased towards US.

The onion is very impressive.


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You get more $ shares for your buck.

In terms of day trading it can be a negative, adding another variable, but long term, it doesn’t work out too bad.

I am sorry but I don’t understand it well probably because of my no-experience or lack of knowledge. Would you please like to shed more light on your thoughts ?


currently you can get more USD for your GBP than previously, but this will inevitably turn around again. same old story about the death of the dollar for many years now. the dollar will only devalue so far, then the global situation will change and a new pattern of economics will begin. expect that once trump is out of the limelight, the US will take a new approach to politics that will see corrections made to parts of the current trend.

if you take your money out now, you lock in those losses due to FX rate change, however if you put money in instead, you can get more than you previously could. once the direction of FX shift changes you will start to make back those losses as profits due to your now larger position.

over many years FX rate change gets balanced out and becomes less of a factor when investing abroad unless there is a massive rebalancing. when stocks aren’t showing much change in price, but the rate gives you less USD for your GBP then its best to invest more in non-US holdings, but doesn’t in itself mean you should sell and get out despite the FX rate meaning you have made a lot of money in profits.

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Thanks Dao for your message. I am more concerned about The Idiot, because he is like a young disgruntled kid, who is very Obstinate, Stubborn, Wilful, and Headstrong. The problem here is also that if he wins the election again, where he would take USA? Because he is opening too many fronts with China, Russia, Turkey. In previous times USA had much much better policy with the world.

But thanks for your message again, it makes no sense to backout now and bear the losses, rather just wait and see what happens. Situations is all bananas right now… GDP is dropping and stocks are going higher… to my mind it makes no sense at all.


Yes, in past when dems were running the show they had more wars then Bush family all together.

Lovely fellas, can’t wait to get more of those at helm of world powerhouse.

You can freely Google Bidens history…
It is very interesting one…

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Thanks for the link. I’ll do that seems very interesting.

oh God!!! that’s insane. I don’t know from where so much hate is coming… that’s mind boggling and I am flabbergasted. I’m so surprised to see how uninformed I am!!! I really thought the he is the better choice but it seems like USA is in crises because there no choice for a better leader. I don’t even know if the democracy is right for this country!!!

Well racism is a big problem in Europe as well, not only because of color but also language, people who speak French don’t like Dutch … example Belgien. It is divided between German, Dutch (Flemish) and French speaking community. People who speak French don’t speak Dutch and if you want to know how do they communicate ? … well they don’t :smiley:

Thanks for the link.

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