What if the future holds more?

What if the future of Trading 212 holds more than what’s in front of us - free investing and CFDs?

Is it possible that we build a truly innovative product which helps people grow wealth? A third product that many would gladly pay for?

Could investing and wealth management for millions of people be completely reinvented with technology while building a sustainable business model around it?

We believe so. And we are working hard to make it happen.

We are just beginning.

“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.”

-Shunryu Suzuki


Consider me intrigued :thinking:
Can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned for us… :yum:

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claiming my front row seat to be around to watch as everything unfolds :smiley:


You got our attention. When can we expect to hear more?


Hmm, intrigued and curious at the same time.

Challenge then to the existing community here: what wealth growing product would you gladly pay for?

I’d gladly pay for a 100% reliable forecast of tomorrow’s closing prices of my favorite ETFs. :slightly_smiling_face:

But something that Trading 212 could realistically offer? I’ll have to think about that.


Jason Butler of the Financial Times writes of

What I wished I’d known about money when I was young”. Amongst other things he says,

Be mindful who you choose as a life partner or hang out with as friends and colleagues. People who are spendthrift, hedonistic, materialistic and who neither respect nor understand money will draw you into their financially destructive ways.

So maybe a Trading 212 linked up dating app? :grinning:

Seriously though, its a worthwhile read



For what the platform is offering, which is a lot already, I think there should be some sort of fee / subscription. I would be happy to pay !
Long term investor.

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the idea is that so far as T212 runs, we need not pay any fee’s unlike the competition. additional services would certainly be interesting however what it would entail is as yet unknown and fees are very reasonable for these mystery new services that will up our game.


If I were to guess I’d say the clue lies here. I think maybe it’s an Al trading bot that’ll automatically select a portfolio of stocks based on your risk appetite :thinking:

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@rishi, T212 is making money, but it’s just not straight off greedy like most competitors out there.

Remember, nothing is free in this world! They might be making less money, but definitely not in loss.

At the current market, positioning T212 is a all-in-one trading app with no fees and commissions is very strategic and important!

As far as a third product goes, I’m super excited! Would love to see a focus on green tech and environment consciousness!


Is phase 5 WORLD DOMINATION :smile:

@ovidiuovidiuovidiu Mark, is that you? :joy:

Saw this and made me think of potential for Trading 212.

“80 percent of new wealth management clients will want to access advice in a Netflix-style model—that is, data-driven, personalized, continuous, and, potentially, by subscription.”

In some ways, the community here already provides worthwhile informal advice and coaching.

Exactly this. But you won’t have to wait until 2030.

We’ve already committed £1M+ to buy more market data to play with…


Automation is something that will attract new investors. Robo investing is becoming increasingly popular and something that can replicate that “ready-made” type of trading would be a step forward too.

That’s sounds exciting. I hadn’t expected to come so close with that guess.

I notice particularly that younger investors already enjoy obtaining investing ideas and coaching from social media and the community discussion pages of fintechs/wealthtechs like Trading 212. A Netflix-style pricing model for advice would be in similar spirit. Next generation investors are unlikely to be attracted to Hargreaves Lansdown pricing or Rathbones/Schroders/St James Place Wealth management products.

The McKinsey report talks of shift of focus from being investment managers to being “more like integrated life/wealth coaches who advise clients on investments, banking, health care, protection, taxes, estate, and financial wellness needs more broadly.” It will be a challenge to find ways to combine DIY low cost investing with opportunities for some personalised coaching.

I’ve noticed from comments in this community that there is a hunger for help with some basic things that investors need to know if they are to do a decent job of growing wealth- such as aspects of how tax works, how dividends work, accumulating vs distributing ETFs, portfolio structure, risk management, diversification, a source of data about companies that they can use to research investments, the characteristics of different types of investment vehicle.

@Ivan Are you thinking further than simply some new version of robo-investing or trading bot?

I am not authorized to answer this question :rofl: