Whats wrong with the ticker LTRPB AT 17:53PM 23/03/20 - Quotation shown corresponds to LTRPA?


Bought LTRPB at 17:53pm 23/03/2020 BUY 150 LTRPB @ 3.19 and the price shown on my wallet is the one of LTRPA.
At this moment 18:18 LTRPB cotation is 3.41.in my wallet the price is fronzen at 1.79?

Can you explain me please??

Hello, @JOSE.FELGUEIRAS.GONC! I can assure you that there is no chance for such a discrepancy. Respectively, if you hold shares with LTRPB the price in your result would correspond to the quotation of the relevant instrument.

I went over your account and related to the trades - everything looks flawless. If at any moment, such a situation occurs could you please provide us with a screenshot so we can examine the potential malfunction?

Hello Martin,

Thanks for your quick reply.
I took some screenshots.(in attachment)
What got me confused was the closing price that was around 3.13 and in my wallet the price at closing time was 1.37…
Today in the opening, the price was still at 1.37 in my wallet…I strarted selling and the selling price was around 3…

Do you know what could cause the “price freezing”?

I’ve made detailed research on the matter and found a malfunction with our data provider. Anyway, the problem was only visual and it should be fixed after the beginning of the new trading session!

We’re switching to a new data providers soon and the charts will be impeccable. :v: