When are dividends paid?

Today is supposed to be Apple’s dividend payout date, but I haven’t received it in my account.

Therefore, my question is when does Trading212 deposit dividends?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

EDIT: Trading212 pays you the dividend within 3 days after the payout date.

Well, I will do it once more.

But people, please use search button, it really does wonders…


Sorry @Vedran, I did search but didn’t find anything :frowning:

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As a heads up for anyone that might arrive at this post with the same question, I just got paid the dividend (1 day after the payout date) :slight_smile:

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Maybe they could build a auto message that today the payout date is and that you can
expected the payout in about 3 (working) days.


That would be a nice feature to have.

I have got dividends on my account one day after payment day, from another company from USA.
You should get notificatoin when the dividends are payed on your account.
Let us know how much was withholding tax for Apples dividends in your case.
Does anyone knows how that witholding taxes on dividends are payed? Are witholding taxes on dividends payed automaticaly when dividends are shared if there is withholding tax? Is it important on which stock exchange are stocks trading or it is important where is company residence. As far as I know witholding tax if it is payed on dividends should be automaticaly payed in the coutry of company residends.
Does anyone have experience with trading and withholding taxes on dividends from companies from South Africa?

US witholding tax on Ordinary dividends are collected before payout. Thus you get net dividend.

MLPs doesn’t pay ordinary dividend, but Distribution in form of Return of Capital. Anyway t212 has not commented yet regarding bruto payout of those.

But Apple pays ordinary dividend, which will be taxed according to your country’s treaty with US.


Have you figure out why there is no withholding tax deduction on MLP dividends? Is it possible that we do not have to pay any taxes in USA on dividends from USA MLP?