Where has confirmation box for deposits gone?

Hi Trading 212,
Why have you removed the checkbox for confirming funds are from our own account within the mobile app?

It is now very easy to accidentally press the deposit button upon entering the deposit screen and put in £1,000, because it is set as default. Deposits are instant with no confirmation!

Please put it back to the way it was, to prevent your customers getting into difficulty.

Kind regards,

I don’t see any sense in having a default of £1000 - how often is it relevant? The default should be zero. It sounds like I’m not the only one who has been caught out by the default and clicked to deposit that amount by mistake. This was a minor inconvenience in my case - I had a specific reason to deposit a lower amount but could cope until I got the rest back out a couple of days later - but if it had been an ISA account that would then have counted towards my 20K allowance.