Where's my dividend?

I purchased some shares 2 days before the ex-div date and the dividend payout date was 31 December 2020. I still can’t see anywhere that i’ve received this dividend. Any ideas?

Dividends usually take a few days to come in - it would be helpful to know what stock it was.

If it was paid on 31st December, bear in mind it’s only been 2.5 working days since the pay date, and it usually takes 3 or 4 working days for it to be processed and credited to your account.

Also just to note, lately some dividends have been taking a few extra days to be paid into T212 accounts, but they do always show up in the end.


Imperial Brands.

That’s great thank you.

Still waiting on Imp.B aswell.

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Just received mine :+1:t2:

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Still waiting for ARCC (30-12), GAIN (31-12), CSWC (31-12), LAND (31-12)
() = paydate not ex-div


Finally got ARCC. Now waiting for the rest.