Why are T212 late in filing their accounts?

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regarding T212 being several months overdue to file their accounts, I asked:
“Can someone from T212 please explain:
1: Why this delay has happened
2: When the accounts will be filed?”

@Tony.V kindly responded to this and answered Q2 saying the accounts would be filed by the end of the year. Unfortunately he then locked the thread without responding to Q1.

As someone who has a lot of money invested in T212’s platform, I would appreciate an answer to this simple question. It worries me that it has been ignored, despite others asking similar questions.


Part of it was already answered.

As to why, most speculation boils down to Brexit, with the creation of the new EU entity.

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I would expect the official statement will be released in a Directors note in the annual accounts to be released by the end of the year.



It is difficult to have patience if most of your money is tied up in a platform that keeps ignoring this important and simple question. That can only cause worry, because if the answer is nothing to worry about and mundane, then why not answer it?

Well intentioned as it may be, I am not interested in hearing speculation from other customers on this because no matter how well reasoned it is, it is still just a guess.

I would appreciate a direct response from T212. I’m not asking anything for anything unreasonable here and the radio silence is not reassuring.


Apparently they decided not to publish the details, if that worries you so much, it is best to transfer the money somewhere else, for a peaceful sleep it pays to pay a slightly higher fee.

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Because Tony and the team work in customer outreach and are probably 1 million miles away from anything related to accounts and senior management in their day job. Just guessing.

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Am sorry but this a troll thread that deserves to be closed down.

I believe everyone is now waiting to see if T212 files their account by the end of this year.

@JimLahey when you say “As someone who has a lot of money invested in T212’s platform”, my response to that comment is that your billions is no better than our shillings

So wait like the rest of us or set up your own brokerage account with your billions right?

It’s an open forum so your better off closing this thread and messaging Tony directly i think?

Bit harsh but yeah anyone with common sense would wait the 10 odd business days. Give it a few more due to HMRC being slow.

The question is vaguely valid and just requires a little patience, as all should be revealed in the annual accounts, much like as I am sure they will be aware for any other stock/firm they invest in that files accounts late.

I did message Tony V directly about this last week and received no response, which is my reason for posting the question here.

This is not a troll thread and it should not be shut down.

It is a fair question which has been asked several times since they missed their filing almost 3 months ago. It is not unreasonable to want an answer.

If you are not interested in that answer then that is fine, but you should not be trying to shut down and silence legitimate questions from other concerned customers.


Lets look at fair question

This morning I looked on my HL and TR EUROPEAN GROWTH TRUST PLC is showing minus 87.48 with zero explanation on their platform but on T212 it tells me there’s been a stock split 8 for 1.

I raised a fair question with HL and got nothing tangible to be considered an answer.

On the issue of T212 late filing of account, I also questioned it and got an answer from Tony on the closed thread.

So am done commenting on this thread (adding oxygen) as am no longer a concerned customer (subject to the accounts being filed by the end of the year)

Good luck and enjoy the like buttons :wink:


There isn’t more info to add besides the details already shared in the other thread, so feel free to refer to my replies there. Hence the reason why I’m closing this thread. Just to confirm again - the report should be available by Christmas, so I’ll ask for a bit more patience.