Why I can't modify order 2 minus before closing?


Is normal the market doesn’t accept order modification requestes 2 minus before closing???

anyone experienced this ?

Yes you can’t edit/cancel an order within 2mins of close. Occasionally get this popup if I forget and it’s 8:58pm on US stocks and I’m trying to get one in right at the end

In that case the market closes at 8:58pm.
Is like that in all brokers?

That’s wrong. The US markets close at 4pm GMT-4. You can still create new orders but not modify existing ones shortly before open and shortly before close

I understand that…
Is this the normal with all brokers?

Yes as this is a restriction from the US exchanges


Sorry I should have made that clear for anyone unfamiliar with US stocks that it’s 8:58pm in the UK with British Summer Time being five hours ahead of Eastern Time (3:58pm)

@Doydoy PDF link has the key bits

3:58 P.M.
• Nasdaq stops accepting entry of LOC orders.
• IO orders may be submitted but not updated or canceled.

4:00 P.M.
The Closing Cross occurs.
• Nasdaq Official Closing Prices are disseminated and executions are sent to the tape.

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