Why is digital turbine down so badly

I don’t know why it is, any thoughts?
I mean their earnings where not bad, in general things look good but still down, day by day tbh

I don’t know but a two second look it’s right at support :neutral_face:

It’s fallen through the 200 EMA and holding so far.

If it can hold, then probably a good entry point. RSI near the 30


fundamentally is there an explanation? everyone still rates it as a buy!
usually after earnings it goes higher

It’s coming up with strong sell on all time frames.

If you are playing the contrarian game then scoop em up :palms_up_together:

Other than earnings I can’t see a reason

It’s just partnered with tiktok and Samsung are installing it’s single tap feature across its mobiles. This is just some manipulation and people playing a game. Can’t see it going much lower than this 55ish point. Don’t be surprised to see this rebound next month quite nicely. The company is doing great and executing very well which is all I am concerned about on these earnings reports, the price will take care of itself over the next few years


mate its 50 now :roll_eyes: what is happening, no clue!

It’s on sale is what’s happening. I just need it to stay down until payday :cowboy_hat_face:

It’s been a brutal ride with this being my third largest holding. I will wait and see if it finds support at 50. If not I might have to take a big hit but I’m hoping what’s happening is just an overreaction

Guessing it’s more broader tech market related with the Fed hinting at bond rate tapering week after week. Growth stocks will take the hit in that case, so clearly some folk getting out before that happens. Some people rode this from $6 last year ($12 here) so still up quite handsomely and not looking to lose any more gains.

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It’s back on the march now. See nothing to worry about as its fundementals hadn’t changed. It turns out institutions and funds were selling it as it left the Russell 2000. Now funds and institutions will have to buy it for the midcap 400 inclusion. Triple digits within a year imho


Yep certainly puts it on a lot more instituions radars.

While I think triple digits might be a stretch, hitting previous highs (and perhaps bouncing) isn’t outside the realms of my imagination. Need to take into account overall market action, the potential to fill that gap up from yesterday at some point, what clangers the Fed decides to drop each week, etc.

Mid-80s would be my conservative guess.

But for the record, I hope you’re right. :wink:

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