Why is my ISA account showing less than total profit deposit and loss

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There’s quite a few flaws with the numbers. They’re complete correct in the way they’re presenting them, but that information isn’t very helpful for you. Best thing to do is make your own spreadsheet to track your portfolio exactly how you want to!

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thank you. seems I have been charged 96 pounds in fx fees and stock exchange fees. i am concerned about the stock exchange fees no doubght they will catch another one of us out thank full on profits of over 1k i am not loosing capital, but i was under the impression this money was calculated into profit and loss on the software. i also had nothing to tell me this fee was taken. find it all very concerning

do you know how i can find these charges and when 212 have charged them. first time experiencing this

I saw your post and I want to share some more info regarding your case via DM.

dm sent looking forward to hearing more sounds like I’ve missed something despite being profitable

You can download a CSV file with all your history. It have all the transactions, including the Stock Exchanges fees, T212 FX fees, taxes and dividends.


im wondering why I have not noticed till now about these fees they have been in for a while. will need to go over with a fine tooth comb this weekend I think see what I have missed. for the record I did not suspect wrongdoing more like a software error or something else

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You can also see the daily and monthly statements emails sent by T212.

They show all the transactions details, including the fees, exchange rates. It’s a way to regularly check the transactions made.

I use them to build my spreadsheet. But you could also use the history’s CSV file to build your own spreadsheet.

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