Why we had to set a higher minimum for pending orders

Thanks you Ryan for your reply

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Any timeline if this gets lifted? I can’t sell my stocks to desired prices because I don’t own enough volume of it …

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Hi, sorry but as a fix we could do in the short term could we remove the stop on limit sell orders?

If the issue is specifically with buy orders, please can we remove sell?

Like today the market is booming I want to take profits but not completely sell out of position. So sell small amounts.

I could do live selling but I want the best price I can get!

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Hi would it be possible to add price alert ‘under’ X or price now ‘above’ X in price alerts?

When investing in small cap trading 212 seems to miss price quotes and so miss alerts

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Is is getting crazy now. You would not believe it that some stocks required minimum of US$1,000. Yes you read it right $1,000 not $100. Have a look at HCMC. With such limit it will defeat the purpose of having a limit order in the first instance.


Here is a good video explaining this situation:

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@ [KasperK

I watch Paul vidoes sometimes, it is quite informative. But what Paul explained is already well discussed in this thread. It is the Limit order get restricted not the market order. Indeed, you could still get $1 stock with marker order which is well discussed in this thread. Also keep in mind the limit restriction is not only applicable during the market first open. That limit applies throughout the day, throughout the stock market opening hours, so nothing to do with bottle neck during a few minutes the market first open.

But from his videos series Paul does not use a limit order often and from his videos series you will understand that he is more likely a long-time investor rather than a trader. If you do not use this feature quite often how could you appreciate the benefit of limit order. Imagine you have a lot of stocks to watch for a swing, are you going to watch, display all of that on your screen?? Limit order will be helping people to watch without the need to sit all day long in front of their computer.

There is misinformation regarding the way the people are using the limit order, filling the order when the market is open, No one sensible will put their limit order with just a very small margin below the current or the premarket price, unless they are 100% the stock will be rocketing such as a catalyst has been confirmed. In theis particular case people are even willing to put it slightly higher than the pre market price.

Sensible people will adjust the limit order much lower than the pre market price, notably lower than the next support level and they will adjust it throughout the day and on daily basis so if it will hopefully get filled with the best price. You see very often pre market dip a few second when the market first open and instantly shooting up. That is where you take advantage of setting the limit order.


It’s very frustrating when those who don’t use limit price ordering say those who do are over reacting.

Not a problem unless you put it in my backyard attitude.

Stop moaning everyone buying live prices are for those sensible investors not day traders like us :man_shrugging:.
As a person who likes to drip into their long term plays at lower and lower prices in small amounts, and take small profits at all time highs. Yup I can keep doing that if I’m looking at my app 24 hrs :thinking:

Anyway this is just ‘temporary’


Hi @ryan9921, following up on this comment from the locked thread, is this so?



Remember prices in the app do not impact execution, two different providers (prices from bloomberg, execution by IB).

Yeah it is, repeated a lot around the forum, should be able to find it by searching

Price feed is indicative and from

Execution is from InteractiveBrokers

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Ok i’m getting a bit desperado for this feature to come back.

Hoping and praying this is one of 212 priorities would have really helped on a few penny stock plays in that dip yesterday!

But to be honest its not being able to trip those profits that’s really hurting me, need me some auto profit taking back!

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any news about this being resolved?


I dont think it will mate :frowning:

Today would have been perfect to set small step ladder limits.

I set price alert, clicked straight away to do a market buy only to see the quotes price something else entirely. Poor show.

@ [bmbm365]
Some people who hardly use, limit order do not understand the difference between between limit order vs (Price Alert + manual Execution with market order).

This is including the person (Paul) in the video link provided by KasperK.

There is a massive difference between setting up the limit order vs (Price Alert and manual Execution with market order).

With limit order you get thet price you have set up. Do market order where there is a price volatility. You will get surprise what you get!!

Say you set up 50+ limit orderand there are three prices are triggered simultaneously, how could you manually execute them one by one and still getting the triggered prices ?



Sad isnt it.

I just hope they bring it back.

I am an AIM investor, so price limits are only thing that works because quotes just blanks and never move


Today I tried to buy an AIM stock. Here is my story.

Tried to set a price limit. Minimum £100.
Set a price alert. 212 Price just showing no movement, but other platforms showing movement.
Bought at market price. Didnt execute until 2 hours later, showing value of -5%.
Bought some more shares live. Didnt execute until another 2 hours.
Executed 1p below my price alert.
My price alert still hasnt triggered.

Please Please 212, remove this minimum £100 price limit order on AIM stocks. PLEASE
Your platform doesnt function for low liquidity market orders and alerts!!!

At least let me know if this is still on the agenda to be removed!